A Personal Pentecost

For it is in Christ that the complete being of the Godhead dwells embodied, 
and in him you have been brought to completion. 
Every power and authority in the universe is subject to him as Head.
Colossians 2:9-10 NEB

John the Baptist said to those repenting of their sin, “I baptize with water, but he [the Christ] will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.” Jesus baptizes with the Holy Spirit, and when He does, He imparts Himself to man. The Pentecostal Presence and power is vital in the healing of neuroses. It is the passing on of life to the soul lacking life, the passing on of being from the Source of all being to the one who has heretofore more nearly identified with non-being. The message of Pentecost is that God centers Himself in His people; we are a people of the Presence. Every soul coming out of the world’s lifestyle needs to pray for a personal Pentecost — and receive it. He is then centered in God, and God is centered in him. He can then hear God while standing and walking with Him in the vertical position. [1]

Those who witnessed the wonder of Pentecost as told in Acts 2 were amazed by the presence and work of the Holy Spirit. We are no less amazed today as we see Him work wonders through the miraculous healing of souls. He fills in deficits and straightens out distortions that no merely human method of healing can reach. The personality immersed in anxiety becomes familiar with peace. The grasping, desperate heart is granted a solid, secure center. Dignity grows as we who had been trapped in fruitless immaturity grow nearer to our full stature in Christ. We can celebrate Pentecost not just as a moment in the history of the Church, but as a movement flowing through our lives. Alleluia!


Lord Jesus we thank you for this very personal, very real baptism of Your Spirit. Give us grace to fully and eagerly receive You. Thank You for centering us in You, and for centering Yourself in us. Grant solidity and fullness of being to each of us, that we, Your people, might stand up straight and hear You well. Come, Holy Sprit, come!

[1] Leanne Payne, The Healing Presence (Grand Rapids, Baker Books, 1995), 63.
Painting: Juan Bautista Maíno, 1615-1620, Pentecost [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.
Meditation prepared by Sarah Colyn, drawing on the writings and ministry of Leanne Payne.