A testimony of choosing life

We were delighted to receive this testimony from an MPC school attendee. In this prayer is expressed the wonder of how God descends to each one of us, reaching us right in our place of greatest need. Encounters like this change everything and we praise our gracious God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for His perfect faithfulness!

Thank you, God,

for not rejecting me in my anger,

for showing me the state of my heart and the choice I had.

Thank you for helping me make the first step out of despair and for choosing life.

Thank you for giving me dreams and pictures to affirm this choice and for giving me a new picture of what holiness means… stepping into your arms and by that being set apart.

Thank you MPC team!

For your prayer, encouragement, teaching, and standing with me during the confusing and good times.


Painting:  George Inness, 1887, Sunrise. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons