Dirk Robinson learned of Leanne Payne’s ministry in 1991 after the first symptoms of early sexual abuse and birth trauma surfaced. Although raised in a Christian family, Dirk was firmly entrenched in a life driven by alcohol addiction, sex addiction, same-sex attraction, workaholism, perfectionism and introspection.The LORD’s loving call to come out from his destructive life choices never stopped.  In 2010, desperate for healing, Dirk reached out to MPC and attended his first Wheaton MPC school. This set Dirk on an unfolding journey to receive the deep healings required to restore him to loving obedience to our Father. Dirk is married to Beatriz (2019), lives in Idaho, and is grateful to serve the Body of Christ around the world. He enjoys teaching how the LORD can heal deeply troubling wounds and patterns, praying with others, and singing.