Notes for Becoming the true self: A testimony

presented by Anjonette Baum

This testimony invites us to witness the process of liberation from the prison cell of the illusory self and journey into the wholeness of the true self. These notes contain the full text and reference for each scripture and quotation shared. At the bottom of the notes are resources for further exploration of this topic.

“The compulsive, illusory self:  that center of pride, inferiority, fear and pain, the hurting, unhealed childish attitudes within.” (Payne, The Healing Presence, 87).

O Israel, hope in the LORD, for with the LORD is unfailing love (or lovingkindness) and with him abundant redemption. Psalm 130:7

“Your new real self will not come as long as you are looking for it.  It will come when you are looking for Him.” (Payne, Restoring the Christian Soul Through Healing Prayer, 32).

Resources on this topic:

Patterns and Characteristics of Codependency:

12-step support:  Co-Dependents Anonymous 

Chapter 5, “The Identity Crisis According to the Scriptures, in The Broken Image, by Leanne Payne

Part 2, “Incarnational Reality:  The Presence of God Within Us,” in The Healing Presence, by Leanne Payne

God Within Us: Incarnational Reality and the True Self,” live audio recording of lecture and prayer from an MPC school held in Wheaton, IL in 2019.