2023 Cedar Springs School – Thursday

We are pleased to share these live audio recordings from Thursday at the 2023 Cedar Springs school. They are offered for your edification and healing, and we pray that the Holy Spirit will anoint them afresh for you today. The recordings include musical worship at the beginning of each session.

#1: Receiving the Gift of Life: Being & Well-being

By taking Jesus as our model of what we are meant to be, we see that we are made to be accepted and sustained in God’s love from the womb to eternity. This session looks at developmental threats to being and well-being and how personal wholeness is restored through Christ’s death-defeating, life-giving cross.

Presenter: Dr. Sarah Colyn

#2: Healing of Memories: Forgiving the Unforgivable

Anjonette shares about the profound healing she experienced in relation to her early relationship with her father. “Sometimes the memories that need healing go far back in time, back before conscious memory. But the heart knows; it does not forget.” (Payne, Restoring the Christian Soul)

Presenter: Anjonette Baum

#3: The Virtue of Hope

This supernatural virtue is a God-given grace that must be pursued and cultivated. Hope protects against despair and energizes us as pilgrims-on-the-way to fulfillment in God’s heavenly presence. This recording includes the “treasure chest” prayer to illuminate the desires of the heart.

Presenter: Jean Holt

For a comprehensive list of scripture references and quoted works from these talks, please reference the MPC 2023 Cedar Springs School Bibliography.

These audio recordings are made available at no cost thanks to the generosity of MPC donors.  To make a donation online please click here.