2023 Cedar Springs School – Tuesday

We are pleased to share these live audio recordings from Tuesday at the 2023 Cedar Springs school. They are offered for your edification and healing, and we pray that the Holy Spirit will anoint them afresh for you today. The recordings include musical worship at the beginning of each session.

#1: Knowing God Rightly

God has provided good and true symbols in scripture and creation so we can know Him as He really is. In this session we invite Him to correct distortions and heal fears in our picture of what He is like, and consider how His image is reflected in a profoundly special way in the marriage of man and woman. This recording includes the “garden of the heart” prayer for healing of fears.

Presenter: Dr. Sarah Colyn

#2: The Journey of Self-Acceptance in Christ

Following Jesus into maturity means accepting ourselves as God accepts us, leaving self-hatred behind, and trusting in Christ’s righteousness as our own. Tommy Briggs shares his personal journey of coming to know God as Father and growing in this essential Christian virtue.

Presenter: Tommy Briggs

#3: The Image and Healing of Man

Whole men are creation’s best symbol of the masculine virtues. In this session we consider how men develop as unique saints, those who have the potential to be natural and spiritual fathers, and address the hatred of men and masculinity that can injure their becoming. 

Presenter: Tom Wright

#4: The Image and Healing of Woman

Whole women image the true feminine while also participating in and completing the masculine. This session honors God’s image in woman and ministers to the hatred of the feminine that is part of the spiritual attack against God’s kingdom.

Presenter: Dr. Sarah Colyn

For a comprehensive list of scripture references and quoted works from these talks, please reference the MPC 2023 Cedar Springs School Bibliography.

These audio recordings are made available at no cost thanks to the generosity of MPC donors.  To make a donation online please click here.