2023 Cedar Springs School – Wednesday

We are pleased to share these live audio recordings from Wednesday at the 2023 Cedar Springs school. They are offered for your edification and healing, and we pray that the Holy Spirit will anoint them afresh for you today. The recordings include musical worship at the beginning of each session.

#1: God Within Us: Becoming the True Self

Every person who has accepted Christ has a home within, a place of quiet rest and strength. This is the true self, and as we grow into the truth of who we are in Christ, we simultaneously die to the illusions that the old man embraced.

Due to technical difficulties, the audio recording of this session has some sound distortion, but thankfully much of the message remains understandable. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Presenter: Dr. Sarah Colyn

#2: The Disease of Introspection vs. Listening to God

Compulsively turning attention inward on the self misuses our rational abilities and makes the heart sick. This session facilitates repentance from diseased self-analysis and engages with Love to restore the capacity to be.

Presenter: Uwe Buß

#3: Forgiving Others

Forgiving those who’ve sinned against us is essential to living in union with Christ. In this session we look at how forgiveness fits in the process of reconciliation, and work through some of the most challenging types of unforgiveness that can burden our hearts and relationships. 

Presenter: Cody Crichton

#4: Freedom in Christ: Renouncing Sexual Idolatry

A right understanding of the sexual union of husband and wife shows the nature of God’s love and His plan to make us one with Him. This session calls all of us – married, single, or celibate – out of idolatrous and enslaving distortions of sex and into the dignity of personal integration.

Presenter: Dr. Sarah Colyn

For a comprehensive list of scripture references and quoted works from these talks, please reference the MPC 2023 Cedar Springs School Bibliography.

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