December 2018 Letter

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

After a wonderfully full year of ministry, our team members are enjoying some quiet December days at home. This affords the time to write to you about God’s goodness in this year, a most heart-warming project! You have been integral to the year’s richness through your prayers, your participation in our schools, retreats and audio recordings, and with your testimonies and correspondence — thank you! I pray that through this letter our good Lord will again bless and break the bread of His life and multiply His blessings to us all.

We started the year in Tauranga, New Zealand where our northern-hemisphere team members enjoyed a winter visit to summer weather. The warm days and lovely farm setting reflected well how the Father took the whole group into His secure embrace. We witnessed deep renewal in many attendees who themselves lead ministries of prayer and healing. As the #MeToo movement was spreading around the world, courageous attendees in Tauranga willed to forgive and yield their burdens of abuse to the Cross. Nothing can compare to the power of Christ’s blood, and we continue to praise Him for these miracles of restored trust, confidence, and dignity.

In the spring we were privileged to offer our first MPC retreats: two- and three-day events that we discovered could reach the deepest needs with God’s truth and love. First we gathered in Edmonds, Washington, and it was pure joy to share MPC with loved ones in my hometown. Attendees were profoundly grateful to the Lord for drawing them back to hope, back to holiness, and back to the strength of His righteousness. We heard many requests, “Please do this again next year!” acknowledging that such Spirit-led time for cleansing and renewal is an ongoing requirement for maturity in Christ.

Next, the Lord brought us to Germany where we were privileged to minister to a vibrant group from diverse nations, cultures, and denominations. Our hearts were supernaturally united in lifting high the cross, and from His cross flowed very personal healing for each beloved individual. We marveled at the work of the Holy Spirit in knitting together our local and international team members and weaving His healing word through the worship, lectures, testimonies, and prayers. The Lord was also powerfully protective of this school, keeping it perfectly hidden from protest or disruption by Baal-driven activists. What a privilege to be under the care of such a powerful and loving God.

In June I was too absorbed to even put out a newsletter for MPC, but for very good reason as we celebrated our daughter and son-in-law’s marriage! I love teaching about the transcendent realities of imagery and symbol, the true feminine and masculine, but nothing could compare to living them through the sacred and earthy joys of our own daughter’s wedding. Our family was immensely blessed by the love and support of MPC’s board and ministry team as we celebrated this holy occasion.

Our summer school in Wheaton is a highlight every year, and this year was no exception. Both first-time and long-time attendees were touched by the freshness and power of the Lord’s presence among us. The Holy Spirit’s guidance in the flow of topics was especially penetrating, and we were richly blessed by His anointing on the prayers and testimonies shared by team members. In a day when even the most committed believers can succumb to confusion and voicelessness, we rejoice in how God set in sense of being, strengthened wills, resymbolized hearts, and rekindled desires.

In September I had the privilege of traveling to Berlin to speak at a special conference for young Christian leaders. I shared about Incarnational Leadership and they caught the vision of doing their work in evangelism, healthcare, and business in fuller union with Christ. I was powerfully encouraged and inspired by my time with these dynamic young disciples.

Our final event of this year was a 5-day school in Frascati, Italy. Perhaps one story will convey the glory of God’s faithfulness there. On the first morning of the school, a precious woman approached me to request a prayer appointment, humble but intent on receiving what she’d come seeking. I gently suggested that we wait and see what God might do, praying she wouldn’t be put off by my less-than-cooperative response. I then quietly watched as the Lord moved on behalf of her and every one of us there. As the school was nearing its end, I checked in to see if she was still feeling a need for that prayer appointment. Her response was simple and powerful, spoken from her true center with much gratitude, “I am OK,” and as she said it we both knew it was true in the highest sense. Our team was touched by the true Christian maturity reflected in this group. The men and women we are privileged to meet at MPC events are persevering, even dogged in their pursuit of genuine wholeness and real life in Christ, and we have a God who delights to reward such pilgrims with the richest of blessings.

I do hope this letter has been an encouragement to you. God’s faithfulness to any one of us is His faithfulness to all and a cause of much rejoicing. Perhaps it will impress on your heart how utterly precious and glorious your own journey of becoming is to God, the heavenly host, and the communion of saints. We would love to receive your Christmas letter or any update or testimony you are able to share. Know that you are in our prayers in this season of Advent and throughout the year.

Yours in Christ,

Sarah Colyn
on behalf of MPC’s board and ministry team