Video Curriculum: Pastoral Care Series

These videos aim to bring Christ’s healing presence to the stressors and struggles of daily life. His hope, comfort, and strength are truly available, and these teachings and prayers are offered to help us know deeper union in the places we need Him most. Each video includes teaching and guided prayer.

Resource pages for each video offer suggestions for further study and support.

Restoring Hope, Choosing Life
This video is offered for those who are suffering with depression, despair, or suicidality. No matter how long or deeply we’ve suffered in a dark place, Christ has opened the path of life, love and true fulfillment by His cross.
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Consolation for the Grieving
This video is for any experiencing a season of grief or loss. God’s everlasting arms will hold us securely as His multi-splendored grace perfectly matches our needs.
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The Virtue and Gift of Fortitude
These two videos consider what fortitude is, how we use it, and how we grow in this essential virtue of courage. Through Christ’s cross, barriers are dismantled and we are strengthened in fortitude.
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Setting Fear in Order
Scripture tells us to fear the Lord while also exhorting us to “fear not.” This teaching explores the right place of fear in our lives, and the ways God ministers healing to fearful hearts. 
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