Video Curriculum: Removing Barriers

These videos address the three great barriers to wholeness in Christ:  failure to accept ourselves, forgive others, and receive God’s forgiveness. As these barriers are removed, we are increasingly able to hear God’s voice and respond in loving obedience to His creative call. Each video includes a 20-minute teaching and a guided prayer. We recommend this series for home and church settings, both for personal study and to help prayer partners and small groups learn and grow together.

Notes for each session include the scriptures referenced, any quotes shared, and a basic outline of the teaching. A printable version is included.

A Testimony of Self Acceptance
The Virtue of Self Acceptance
Setting the Stage for Forgiveness
A Testimony on Forgiving Others
Removing the Barrier of Unforgiveness
Receiving God’s Forgiveness: Trusting in Christ’s Righteousness
Receiving God’s Forgiveness: Knowing our Need

If you are using these videos as part of a church program, small group, or prayer cell, we’ve created a small group leader’s guide just for you!

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