Video: On Prayer Partners

If we are following Jesus, we will be confronted by the forces that oppose Him. In the conflicts that ensue, we discover our need for the gift of battle:  the capacity to endure conflict while remaining filled with Christ’s love. Leanne Payne exhorts that mature prayer partners are “absolutely vital in the Christian walk” because their listening and intercessions help us receive this gift. [1]

As critical as prayer partners are, Leanne was dismayed that many pastors and leaders lack such support. The fear of sharing with others can corner earnest people into doing ministry without partners who intercede and help them listen for God’s voice. Could this be why, in this past year that was so hot with spiritual battle, nearly four out of ten pastors have leaving full-time ministry? [2]

The stakes couldn’t be higher. As Leanne wrote, without prayer partners “no one can stand long in battle… or win the prize of pressing through to victory in the vocations we’ve been assigned.” [3] Because men and women often experience friendships differently, I wanted to hear some mens’ perspectives on prayer partnerships. I was curious whether they agree with Leanne on this issue, and to hear what it’s been like for them to foster good prayer partnerships. Three veteran MPC leaders, Sill Davis, Jim Server, and Tommy Briggs, agreed to sit down with me and share from their own experience. Their stories and wisdom will be a blessing to both men and women who recognize their need for the great spiritual treasure of effective prayer partners. We’ll begin by hearing from Sill Davis.

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