MPC Virtual Academy: Deeper Union with Christ



These videos provide virtual access to the music, teachings, testimonies, and prayers of all sessions of the 2021 Cedar Springs school. May the Lord anoint them afresh to remove barriers and encourage you in entering a deeper union with Christ, by the work of His Spirit. We would love to hear from you as you attend the school online, so please email us to share your experience or prayer need at any time.

Videos will be available for unlimited viewing through July 1, 2022.

Each day of the school is presented in a single video with chapter markers and title screens for each new topic. We encourage you to participate in the sessions in the order presented as each topic will build on the previous sessions. Every session begins with worship singing so that you can lift your heart to the Lord.

Cedar Springs MPC School Topics

Video 1
The Presence of God with Us: The Holiness of God and Incarnational Reality, Dr. Sarah Colyn
The Presence of God with Us: Practicing the Presence, Dr. Sarah Colyn
The Presence of God with Us: Obedience and the Vertical Position, Dr. Sarah Colyn
Removing Barriers to Wholeness: The Virtue of Self-Acceptance, Tommy Briggs
Removing Barriers to Wholeness: Receiving God’s Forgiveness, Dr. Sarah Colyn

Video 2
God’s Creative Power: Sense of Being and Well-Being, Dr. Sarah Colyn
The Disease of Introspection, Dr. Sarah Colyn
The True Imagination I: God, the Source of Our Being, Gay Barretta
Hamewith: Our Home Within, A Story of Hope, Jean Holt
The Virtue of Hope, Dr. Sarah Colyn

Video 3
Imagery and Symbol: Perceiving God Aright, Dr. Sarah Colyn
Becoming and Honoring Man, Dr. Sarah Colyn
Community and Codependence, Jean Holt
Testimony: Fruitfulness of the Father, Dirk Robinson
Renouncing Idol Gods and Appropriating the Holy, Dr. Sarah Colyn

Video 4
Removing Barriers to Wholeness: Forgiving Others, Dr. Sarah Colyn
Becoming and Honoring Woman, Dr. Sarah Colyn
Testimony: The Shift from Rightness to Righteousness, Sillimon Davis
The True Imagination II: Listening Prayer and Receptivity to Reality, Dr. Sarah Colyn
The Presence of God Within Us: Incarnational Reality and the True Self, Dr. Sarah Colyn

Video 5
Healing of Memories Prayer, Dr. Sarah Colyn
Closing Eucharist Service, Fr. Carlos Raines