Notes for Removing the Barrier of Unforgiveness

Presented by Sarah Colyn

This session addresses the barrier to our wholeness in Christ that is created by unforgiveness. These notes outline the basic flow of the teaching and contain the full text and reference for scriptures and quotations. At the bottom of the notes are resources for further exploration of this topic.

Forgiving others for petty offenses

“It’s the everydayness of such irritations and transgressions that get to us, and we can easily come to despise those who offend us in these ways” (Payne, Restoring the Christian Soul Through Healing Prayer, 81).

“We find we must enroll in a primary level of the Holy Spirit’s school of prayer. ‘Father, I am nothing apart from you. Have mercy on me. I have been seeing apart from You. If you leave me for an instant, I shall be even more prideful, more self-serving.’ When we learn to pray this prayer, without the least taint of the wrong kind of self-hatred on the one hand, or a feeling of superiority on the other, we will be well on our way to maturity in Christ” (Payne, 83).

Forgiving others when the offense is so great

Some sins are so grievous that, from our human vantage point, they seem unforgivable.

We find the supernatural grace to forgive by pressing into Christ and taking our place in Him.

Resources on this topic:

Chapter seven of Leanne Payne’s Restoring the Christian Soul through Healing Prayer, “Second Great Barrier to Wholeness in Christ:  Failure to Forgive Others” 

Removing Barriers to Wholeness:  Forgiving Others” lecture and prayer live audio recording from an MPC school held in New Zealand in 2019.