Continuing Education Video: On Leisure

To foster the spiritual and psychological maturity of pastoral caregivers through union with Christ.

June 30, 2023, 9:00-10:30 am PDT

Topic:  On leisure, the basis of pastoral care

This webinar will continue asking what it takes for pastoral caregivers to be true “talking beasts” – those who hear the call to awake, love, think, and speak! As the northern hemisphere heads into vacation season, we’ll look at the essential role that leisure plays in a vibrant, in-Christ life. Pastors and counselors are often urged to practice good self-care in order to prevent burnout, but true leisure has an even higher purpose and value. We’ll apply Josef Pieper’s profound insights from On Leisure, the Basis of Culture to our lives. Paraphrasing Pieper, “The point and the justification of leisure are not that the pastoral caregiver should serve faultlessly and without a breakdown, but that the pastoral caregiver should continue to be a human being.” The serenity and celebration of real leisure flow from our participation in God’s own rest and joy. Let’s consider what we can do to cultivate the wonderfully creative state of true leisure.

Workshop fee $25 (scholarships available)

Workshop Format Teaching with prayer and group discussion via live videoconference. The workshop will be recorded in its entirety for those who are not able to attend live.

Who Should Attend? For those who provide pastoral care in any setting – pastors and spiritual directors, professional psychotherapists, lay counselors, and healthcare providers.

Presenter Dr. Sarah Colyn is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of WA with a PhD in Clinical Psychology and an MA in Christian Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary. With over 25 years experience practicing psychotherapy and pastoral care, Sarah has taught and trained pastors, professional counselors and lay caregivers in academic, clinical, and church settings. She is ever-intrigued by the pastoral application of true Christian theological anthropology.

Learning Objectives

To recognize the essential role of leisure in the life of pastoral caregivers.

To distinguish true leisure from amusement, vacation, or self-care.

To identify attitudes and practices that increase our capacity for leisure.