Patriarchy, Fatherhood & the Restoration of Culture

I was privileged to attend the Touchstone conference titled Patriarchy: Fatherhood & the Restoration of Culture.  As we know so well, the imagery really matters, and wholesome images of fatherhood, men, and masculinity are key to our relationship with our triune God as well as to ourselves and one another.

Touchstone’s conference was a feast of theological and cultural insights into this critical topic.  Father Patrick Henry Reardon gave the opening talk on Fatherhood and the Holy Trinity. Father Reardon reminded us that the Fatherhood of God is not a metaphor, for He is the font of the universe, the uncreated Divine order, and our own begetting as sons and daughters who are being deified in Christ Jesus.  I could go on relaying inspiring words, insights, and stories from each talk, but thankfully the excellent talks were videotaped and are available by subscription on Touchstone’s website.  If you are concerned about the crisis in masculinity and want your heart to be remythologized regarding patriarchy, I think you’ll find these lectures more than worthwhile.

by Sarah Colyn