Report on the MPC retreat in Vajta, Hungary

We are mythic beings: we live by and in our symbols.
Reality is simply far too great to be contained in propositions.
That is why man needs gestures, pictures, images, rhythms, metaphor, symbol and myth.
~Leanne Payne, Healing Presence, 119 and 125

By Uwe Buß

In June, we had a MPC-school in Hungary. Actually, it was the first conference we carried out in Eastern Europe. For almost every participant it was the first time they got in touch with Leanne Payne’s teaching, especially as Leanne’s books are not translated into Hungarian yet.

Most Protestant Christians in Hungary belong to the reformed Church. Many symbols, that are common in other denominations, are unfamiliar and unusual here. So I wondered how we could do the procession of the cross, what vestments I should wear und how we could introduce the Holy Water. Of course, we didn’t want to disturb the attendees right at the beginning of the conference. However, all my fears were unnecessary. The Holy Spirit has already made the way and gave an enormous openness. The meaning of these healing symbols have descended deeply into the hearts. I will never forget, when the Cross and the open Bible were carried into the conference hall. I sensed so much reverence. You could almost touch God’s presence.
After the procession, Sarah’s first lecture was about “Holiness”. This deepened what we just had experienced and prepared the way for more.

The Lord led us, in these days, in an impressive way. Many people opened their hearts in short counselling conversations or in ministry times. There was a growing sense, a deep longing for the healing presence of our Lord. Therefore, we have many reasons to praise and give thanks.

For myself it has been moving that my testimony is so encouraging for so many people. I have been involved with the PCM/MPC-ministry for about 30 years now, and have belonged to the team since last year, with the privilege of ministering at MPC schools internationally. I say thank you to Jesus, who brings people like me from the depths, gives healing and uses them as ambassadors of his salvation.

Please, pray for all the attendees of the Hungarian conference. The sown seed shall come up and bear fruit. Therefore, even more people shall get in touch with the Healing Presence of our God.