Video: Setting Fear in Order

Posted on December 2nd, 2020

A video with worship, teaching, and prayer to encourage us in fear of the Lord while ministering healing to any fearful heart, prepared by Sarah Colyn.

We pray that the Lord will anoint this video for you in a personal way. Before you press “play,” please get comfortable in a place where you feel free to stand, sing, and speak out in prayer. Invite God to minister to you, and be fully responsive as He accepts your invitation!

A friendly exhortation:  this teaching and prayer is not a substitute for participation in your local church. Please don’t let this video or any of the other Christian media that’s currently on offer turn you into an isolated consumer. Active engagement with your local church body, even if from a physical distance, is essential now — you need your church, and your church needs you.

This is a brief teaching (the video with worship and prayer is just 24 minutes) — those of you who’ve been to an MPC event know that is a big victory for me! There is much more to this topic, so if you’d like to dig deeper, consider these resources:

Leanne Payne, Restoring the Christian Soul Through Healing Prayer, chapter 1 on self-acceptance.

An MPC lecture and prayer on sense of being and well-being can be downloaded here

Josef Pieper:  On Hope, chapter 5, “The Gift of Fear;” the section on fortitude in The Four Cardinal Virtues.

An MPC lecture on seeing God rightly, and prayer for healing of fears can be downloaded here

This Godly Play Parable of the Good Shepherd sneaks past the watchful dragons of the rational mind and impresses the heart with the reality of our Lord’s faithfulness in places of danger.