Sponsor Training for Pastors

Did you know that only 10% of pastors around the world have access to formal training? Missions experts recommend integrated pastoral training, just the the kind that MPC offers. MPC schools impart theological knowledge and form Christlike character, in a relational context that promotes genuine, ongoing fellowship.

International pastors who travel to MPC schools for training sponsor their own travel and sacrifice income from bi-vocational work in order to participate. After handling these expenses, most need a full scholarship in order to participate in an MPC school. Please consider donating to MPC’s scholarship fund to partner in this most fruitful equipping work!

Pastor in Uganda

Pastor Bossa John in Njeru, Uganda

Pastor John has participated in three MPC schools in Germany and the US. Christ has ministered new strength to his inner being, empowering him in evangelism and care for orphans and widows. This year John has started a healing prayer ministry. He hopes to continue training with MPC, to go deeper in bringing the gospel to the complex needs of those suffering in his community.

The Church is multiplying rapidly around the world, and Her leaders are eager to meet the needs for discipleship and healing in their communities. MPC has the incredible privilege of helping pastors spread a strongly rooted gospel. They need a message that enables believers to know God rightly and live into the fullness of their baptism. We don’t aim to establish MPC centers around the world. Rather, we aim to equip church leaders around the world. We are enriched by the participation of international pastors, and pray that God will increase MPC’s international collaboration.