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MPC Video Curriculum

  • Home-study Series: Foundations A 6-session introduction to how we share in the life of Christ, including practicing God's presence and living in obedience to Christ.
  • Home-study Series: Removing Barriers These 7 sessions address the three great barriers to wholeness in Christ:  failure to accept ourselves, forgive others, and receive God's forgiveness. As these barriers are removed, we are increasingly able to hear God’s voice and respond in loving obedience to His creative call.
  • Home-study Series: Being and Becoming A 6-session exploration of union with Christ and how His creative power opens the path for us to grow into whole, mature men and women.
  • MPC Virtual Academy: Deeper Union with Christ These videos provide virtual access to the music, teachings, testimonies, and prayers of all sessions of the 2021 Cedar Springs school. The cost for this video package is $100.
  • On Prayer Partners Veteran MPC leaders share their experiences with fostering effective prayer-partner relationships.
  • Pastoral Care Series These videos aim to bring Christ's healing presence to the stressors and struggles of daily life. His hope, comfort, and strength are truly available, and these teachings and prayers are offered to help us know deeper union in the places we need Him most.

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